Referral System

We really appreciate our members. We want to add more value to our membership. That’s why we want to reward you for referring us to your friends, family and the world. After becoming a member, you will get your personal refferal code. You will get up to 3 months free subscription. How it works:

  • The person you referred must use your code at checkout.
  • When someone becomes a member and goes through their first month of subscription, you will receive the reward.
  • The rewards are in the form of a coupon. You can only use that coupon to get one month free membership.
  • We will only hand out 3 coupons maximum.
  • For the 1st person you get one coupon. At the 3rd persons you receive your second coupon and at the 5th person you will receive your 3rd coupon.                               
  • When buying the membership, use this coupon at the checkout to redeem it.
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Up to 3 months free with your personal referral code